Overtime Rules

How to adjust and apply custom overtime rules in Raken

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We all know keeping track of what overtime rules apply to which project can be tedious at best. Within Raken, we have created the ability to have custom rules that apply to as many, or as little, projects as you like. Below are the steps to setting it up and even a little video. This feature is available for all users on Pro or Performance plans.

To create new overtime rules, you should:

1. Navigate to the 'Company' tab --> 'Production' --> 'Overtime rules'

2. Name your overtime rule and select if it's daily, weekly, or both daily and weekly

3. Input your overtime rules and hour assignment accordingly (example: first 8 hours daily for RT and next 4 hours daily for OT, with the rest going to DT)

4. Once you hit save, the overtime rules will be available to activate on either a project-by-project basis, or you can add them to a template and apply to all or select projects

Once this is active, when inputting time cards, when your team selects "allocate hours" it will take the hours input and apply them in accordance to your overtime rules.

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