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Getting Started with Raken

How to Start Working with Your New Raken Account

New in Raken

New Feature Announcements, Product Updates, and Customer Programs

Using the Raken Mobile App

How to Make the Most of Raken in the Field

Using the Raken Web App

How to Manage Your Raken Account from the Office

Managing Jobsite Safety

How to Schedule and Manage Site Safety with Toolbox Talks

Managing Daily Reports

How to Create, Share, & Customize Your Daily Reports

Managing Projects

How to Create, Control, and Perfect Your Projects

Reporting on Your Projects

How to View and Report on Your Raken Project Data

Managing Subcontractors

How to Invite and Collaborate with Your Subcontractors

Tracking Worker Hours

How to Use Time Cards to Streamline Your Payroll Tracking

Tracking Jobsite Production

How to use Production Tracking tools to manage job site efficiency.

Tutoriales en Español y Artículos de Ayuda

Spanish translations of our key tutorials and help articles.

Raken Safety and Quality Control Tools
Cloud Storage Integrations
Project Management Integrations
Job Site Media Integrations