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Getting Started with Equipment
Getting Started with Equipment

Equipment is available to all Pro and Performance plan customers

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When you’re managing multiple crews, job sites, and pieces of equipment it’s easy to lose track of everything. Raken's Equipment feature puts you back in control by providing you with visibility into equipment usage across all your projects in one central place.

Setting Up Owned Equipment

First, let’s walk through how to set up your owned equipment.

  • Log into your Raken account from your desktop computer.

  • Navigate to the ‘Company’ tab, click ‘Production’, and expand the ‘Equipment’ menu. From here, you can bulk upload all of your equipment at once or enter each piece manually. The equipment entered here will be available across all of your projects.

  • To bulk upload your Equipment, click the blue ‘Download CSV Template’ button. Fill in the spreadsheet, save it, and click ‘+ Select File’ to upload it back into Raken.

  • To enter each piece of equipment manually, click the gray ‘Type Equipment Manually’ button, enter the details, and press the green ‘+’ button.

Note: The equipment rate for your owned equipment is optional, but if entered it will be displayed alongside your Equipment Reports to help you easily see the cost of your equipment for each project. You can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly rates.

Creating an Equipment Log

Here's how to create an equipment log for your project on Raken Web.

  • Login to the Raken Website

  • Select the project you want to record an equipment log then click 'Production' on the left navigation menu and select 'Equipment'

  • To add logs for a new equipment click '+ Equipment Log'

  • Select your equipment, start date, and cost codes then hit 'Save'. This will begin counting the days that the equipment has been on the project

  • To add a log for an existing equipment just click on the equipment name and click the orange '+' next to the 'Notes' section

  • Record the date, hours, description, and upload photos then click 'Save'

  • To change the status of an equipment, you can click on the equipment name and select the drop down list for 'Status'

Here's how to create an equipment log on the mobile app.

  • Log in to your Raken account from your mobile device and select the project you would like to create an Equipment log for.

  • Select ‘Equipment’, then click the green ‘+’ button follow by ‘Select Equipment’

  • From here, you can either select from your existing owned equipment or add a new piece of equipment on the fly.

  • To add a new piece of Equipment, click ‘+’ in the upper right corner of your screen. Fill in whether it’s rented or owned, its name, supplier information, and an equipment ID. When you’re done, don’t forget to press ‘Save’.

  • From here you can add the associated cost codes and set the equipment status to ‘In Use’ or 'Idle'

  • You can record hours by clicking 'Add Notes and Hours' then record the date, hours and any notes or pictures then 'Save'

  • To change the status of an equipment clicking on the equipment name and set the 'Status' to 'Idle' or 'Remove'

  • You can view removed equipment by clicking on the 'Removed Equipment' tab

Note: Raken will automatically roll the piece of equipment over each day until it is marked as removed.

Running an Equipment Report

  • Log in to Raken from your desktop computer.

  • Go to ‘Projects’ and choose the project you’d like to run the Equipment Report for.

  • Click the blue ‘Reports’ button and select ‘Equipment’.

  • In the window that appears, select the projects to include, time frame, and the email address you’d like to send the report to, then hit ‘Send’.

Note: You can set up an automatic recurring report by clicking the "Schedule Report" option at the top of the Equipment Report window.

With greater visibility into where your equipment is and whether or not it's being used, you can improve productivity, minimize downtime, and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

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