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Setting Up Production Insights

How to View and Export Production Data and Run Production Quantities Reports in Raken

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Setting production targets and monitoring progress as it is documented in the field can help identify risks early and keep your project on track. As field teams record labor hours and quantities of materials from their mobile device, Raken automatically calculates efficiency rates and projected time to completion based on your project's production budget.


Note: When accessing the Production Insights tab via the Raken web application, everything is broken up by Division. At first glance, you can view progress towards your production goals. 

View and Export Production Insights: 

  1. Open the Project you would like to view production insights on

  2. Navigate and click to Production from the left side menu

  3. Select Insights

  4. To export your production data, tap the Download icon and choose a file format: PDF, XLS or CSV

Run A Production Quantities Report: 

  1. Open the Project you would like to run a Production Quantities Report on. 

  2. Click the blue Report button and select Production Quantities towards the bottom of the list

  3. In the window that appears, select the Project, Timeframe, and Email Addresses you would the report delivered to and then hit Send.

Pro Tip: You can also set up an Automatic Recurring Report by clicking on the Schedule Report option at the top of the Production Quantities Report window.


In order to set up, view, and run a Production Quantities Report, you must have admin-level permission, and have Cost Codes and Workers set up in Raken.

Production Tracking features are available to Professional or Performance plans


What if the expected data does not appear on the production insights page?

  • Check that the project start date is set to a date that is prior to the day that the first data was entered into Raken.

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