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Signing Off On Time Cards

How To Approve Your Team's Hours and Have Workers Sign Off on Their Time Cards

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Once your team have reported their hours it should be quick and simple to approve the hours for payroll. That is why Raken offers both an administrator approval workflow as well as a worker sign off feature. Check out both features below to learn how.

How Signing Off & Approving Time Cards Works

As an Account Administrator, you review and approve your team's hours. To do so, login to the Raken Web App and access Raken Timesheets by selecting the profile photo icon in the top right and select Timesheets.

Robust settings options are available, and you may adjust the default work week, pay period, notifications and disclaimer to suit your business' needs.

To enable sign-off notifications you should first validate that your worker list includes a phone number and email for each individual. You can double check this by review your team members and workers from the Team tab.

Next you need to be sure to set up the sequence for these automated timecard review messages to be sent out to the team. To access these settings click on the Company tab > Production > Time Card Approval.

Each worker will receive an SMS message and/or and email that will be prompt them to sign off on their hours as shown below, no Raken license required!

You'll be able to review and sign for your hours and will be provided a summary of your hours as shown below.

Payroll admins will know when everyone has signed off on their hours, via the Timesheets section of the web application

Payroll Admin Web View 

If you navigate to the Timesheets landing page you'll be able to see which workers have signed off on their timecards by a little signature indicator icon by their name. If there are any discrepancies in the hours a worker entered you can fix it right on the spot. 

The Timesheets web view gives you the ability to see all of your timecard data in one place that you can then use to make sure the hours entered are accurate.

PDF Reports by Worker

You have the ability to pull a .PDF timecard review for the pay period from the Timesheets web view. You'll notice a little download icon in the upper righthand corner that lets you download a PDF time card report for all workers. These reports come with everything you need to be compliant in your documentation: the weeks, projects, cost codes, totals, signatures, and more are all right in the same PDF report. 

We hope these new updates to the time card features in Raken help you gather time card data in the field even faster and work with it easier in the office.

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