When you're getting ready to process payroll, it can be tough to collect hours from dozens of workers. WIth Raken Time Cards, though, hours are automatically collected from the daily reports entered in the field and collected online for you to review. Read below to learn how to easily review, edit, and export your team's hours. 


  1. Log in on the web and select the "Company" tab.

  2. Select the "Time Cards" section.

  3. Choose the "Payroll" option (next to "Time Card Settings") to view the current pay period.

  4. Use the arrow icons, next to the timeframe, to move to any previous pay periods. 

  5. You can review each worker's hours for each pay period as well as see if they have signed their time card if you are using the sign off feature.

  6. To modify hours, simply click on a cell on the list.

  7. To download the information, select the blue "Download" button the choose either PDF, CSV or XLS file.

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