Raken Time Clock

Raken Time Clock empowers all your employees to log time for themselves on their own devices.

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What is Raken Time Clock?

Raken Time Clock allows for all field employees to capture timely and accurate timecard data while in the field.

Why should you use Raken Time Clock?

By allowing employees to capture their own time payroll and budgeting data can be more accurate. By using Raken Time Clock time theft and buddy punching and timecard errors can be reduced. Foremen and supervisors can manage the jobsite instead of taking attendance for those employees onsite.

How do I enable Raken Time Clock

Empowering your workers to use Raken Time Clock takes only a few steps. Once your workers are invited and have access to Raken Time Clock they can start logging their own time.

Inviting Workers to use Raken Time Clock

  1. Log into the Raken Web App.

  2. Click on the Team tab that is found at the top of the page.

  3. On the page that appears click on the button labeled Workers.

  4. Find the worker that you would like to invite to use Raken Time Clock and click the ellipsis button found on the right side of their name.

    1. Click the Invite option to invite that worker to use Raken Time Clock.

  5. If you have multiple workers that you would like to invite to use the Raken Time Clock you can click the checkbox on the left side of the workers name.

    1. Once you have selected the desired workers you then click the Bulk Actions button and select the Invite option.

How to use Raken Time Clock on the Raken App

Using Raken Time Clock on the Raken app enables quick and easy time capture for employees in the field.

  1. The worker will log into the Raken app using the credentials they set up upon invitation.

  2. Tap the Select Project button to choose a project to clock into.

  3. Tap the green Clock In button to start your time clock.

    1. While clocked in you can add notes related to the time allocated to the work you are performing.

    2. While clocked in you can log breaks like lunch etc.

  4. When you are done working you tap the red Clock Out button.

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