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Raken Certifications
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Our latest addition to Raken is the Certifications section, which can be found under the Team tab. This feature allows our customers to keep track of all the certifications obtained by their team members or workers who have accepted an invitation.

We understand that our customers have previously been relying on spreadsheets to track the specialized skill sets or certifications of their team members. However, with the integration of the Certifications section within Raken, they now have the ability to manage this information in a centralized and convenient location. This helps eliminate the need to switch between multiple systems and ensures that all the relevant information is stored in one place.

Here is how it works:

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Are certifications only available to the account admins or to everyone?

Answer: Everyone

Are the worker certifications available for both team members and workers?

Answer: Yes, you can upload certifications for both team members and workers.

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