When you're working on a complex job with your team you want to make sure that your report reflects just the work you're responsible for so that your crew's work doesn't get overlooked. With the Raken Segments feature enabled it's easy to keep your daily report and production entries separate and sign off on just your own work. Check out the process below to see how it works!


  1. Login on the Raken Web App or Mobile App and open the project you need to work on.

  2. From the Daily Report or Production tabs, use the dropdown at the top of the screen to choose the correct segment of the project that pertains to your work.

  3. Enter your Work Logs, Time Cards, Notes, Attachments, Survey, and Production Logs as you would normally and then sign off when you're done.

Note: Once you've selected a segment, your account will default to showing you that segment when you open the project in the future. If you don't see the Segment dropdown you may need to enable Segments or ask your administrator to do so.

Getting Started with Raken Segments
Viewing Daily Reports by Segment
(Beta) New! Segmented Daily Reporting

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