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Insights: Compliance by Project
Insights: Compliance by Project

Stay on Top of Your Projects' Completed Reports, Missed Dailies, and Compliance

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When overseeing multiple projects, it can be tough to keep track of which jobs have submitted reports and how compliant each has been. With the Compliance by Project chart on the Raken Insights page, it's easy to see which projects are on track with their reports and which ones are falling out of compliance. This helps ensure that no daily is ever forgotten and that your team stays 100% complaint on their daily reports.ย 

How the Compliance by Project Feature Works

Through Raken's Insights page, you'll be able to tell which projects are completing their reports consistently and which ones are not. This information is readily available directly from the Dashboard, under "Insights" tab within Raken Web App.

You can also access this information within each project. Navigate to "Projects" tab. Select the project. On the left side of the Web App, select "Dashboard". You can view current Activity, Insights and Live Views (if integrated).

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