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Use the Raken Insights Page to See How Compliant Each of Your Subcontractors Are

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It can be a headache to get your subcontractors to fill out dailies for you, but with Raken you are able to invite subcontractors to your account for free to complete their dailies. Not only does this mean that it's easy to collect their reports, but also Raken will provide you with all the data to show you which subs are on top of completing their dailies and which are not. 

How the Compliance by Sub Feature Works 

To ensure your subs are completing their dailies we created the compliance by sub report. The data from the report will show which subs are responsive and which are not. Usually if they are doing their dailies everyday, it is a good sign they are a responsive sub. You can filter your search by specifying the time frame or sort by clicking on the down arrow next to each title to find each sub's information quickly. You can also select the arrow on the top right of the section to download the report as a PDF you can share with any stakeholder.

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