Not all projects are the same and as such, the reports for each of your projects may need to be slightly different. Project Templates are a great way to account for these differences and make sure that it's simple to get your team up and running when you start a new project. Follow the steps below to edit and apply your project templates!


  1. Open the Company Tab on the Raken Web App

  2. Click on the "Project Templates" section near the top of the page. 

  3. From this delete, duplicate, and edit existing templates as well as create brand new ones. 

  4. When you edit an existing template, you can easily change the template name, make the template the company default, and edit the general, daily report, survey questions, and daily report email recipients settings

  5. You have the same set of options when you create a new template. 

  6. When you have made your changes, click save and then all future projects with that template will have the settings adjusted according to your needs. 

Adding Report Email Recipients
Changing Raken Project Settings

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