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Changing Raken Project Settings
Changing Raken Project Settings

How To Update Your Raken Project Settings

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Sometimes project requirements change, and when they do, the way your Raken Daily Reports are set up needs to adapt to stay relevant. Follow the steps below to update Project settings like date format, daily report categories, survey questions, and more. 


  1. Log into the Raken Web App.

  2. Select the project for which you would like to make changes.

  3. Click on the Settings button found near the bottom left corner of the page. Settings are divided up into six sections.

    • General - Makes changes to basic project settings like project start and end date and project address.

    • Daily reporting - Makes changes to what items display on the daily report.

    • Payroll and time - Makes changes to payroll and time tracking features like start and end time, paytypes and breaks.

    • Production tracking - Allows you to adjust production tracking settings like cost codes, materials and budgets.

    • Integrations - Makes changes and controls the project level integrations that are active.

    • Notifictations - Allows you to adjust notification preferences on the selected project.

  4. Expand the section you wish to modify.

  5. Make the changes needed and then click the orange "Save" button in the top right of the screen.

Note: Changes to survey questions and segments will not take effect until the following day.

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