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Creating a Daily Report On The App
Creating a Daily Report On The App

How to Create and Submit a Daily Report in Minutes Using the Raken Mobile App

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The work log is the first step to completing a thorough daily report. Input what happened on-site, where it took place, and any other details you think of right then and there as they happen. With Raken, you can use voice-to-text to record notes, so you can focus as you walk the job site.


Work Logs and Timecards

  1. Open the Raken Mobile App (Android or iPhone). 

  2. Select the project you are working on.

  3. Click on Daily Logs.

  4. Click on Work Logs at the top of the list.

  5. Click on the orange plus sign button to start a new log or select one of the listed items (person crew or standard log) that has been used on used previously on this project.

    1. Work Log - Great way to log general production information for a crew or subcontractor. You can capture quantity of workers and the number of man hours that each worker performed.

    2. Time Card - Allows you to capture specific information regarding worker production on a worker by worker basis. You can assign hours to cost codes that help determining total production.

  6. Enter all data in the specified fields. You can add photos and documents by clicking on the orange attachment icons at the bottom. 

  7. Click Save in the top right before creating another work log or time card to add to your daily report.


  1. Open the Notes tab and add any necessary information or attachments to one of the three categories (General Notes, Site Safety Observations, Quality Control Observations). 

  2. Click Save in the top right before creating another new note entry or clicking the arrow in the top left to return to the daily report page.


There are three different options to add attachments to your project:

  • Select from camera roll - open and choose from saved photos and videos on the device you are working from. There will also be albums available that are titled as your project name.         

  • Capture photo or video - all pictures and videos taken through the app will be attached to the project itself, and will also save to your device's cameral roll.

  • File upload - choose from any of your connected, cloud-based services to access and attach additional documents and files. 

Note: Check out this article that covers Adding Photos and Documents from the Mobile App to walk through the steps of adding each type of attachment. 


  1. Select Survey to answer Yes, No, or N/A to the questions and add any relevant descriptions about what occurred on site that day. 

View and Sign Report

  1. The last thing you need to do is verify and sign the report. 

  2. Go to the project page and select View / Sign Report.

  3. You can either sign with your saved 'Quick Sign' signature, or manually sign it yourself with your finger.

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