Documenting your projects with photos is one of the most powerful tools available to make sure your daily reports are comprehensive and informative to your whole team. Raken makes it easy to upload (and capture) photos, videos, and documents to your Daily Report in the field from your mobile app!

Once you have opened the appropriate project, select 'Attachments' from the 'Daily Report' tab and select from the following options:

  • Select from camera rollopen and choose from saved photos and videos on the device you are working from. There will also be albums available that are titled as your project name.         

  • Capture photo or videoall pictures and videos taken through the app will be attached to the project itself, and will also save to your device's cameral roll.

  • File uploadchoose from any of your connected, cloud-based services to access and attach additional documents and files. 


If uploading photos or videos: 

  1. Click the landscape icon (bottom left) and choose the appropriate album from your device—then click on each photo or video you'd like to upload. 

  2. Click 'Done' in the top right corner of the screen.

If using your device to take a picture or record a video:

  1. Click the camera icon (middle).

  2. Toggle between camera or video on the bottom left of your screen.

  3. Click 'Done' to view and upload pictures and videos you have taken in the camera view.

          Note: File sizes limit videos to 15 seconds long. 

If uploading documents from your device or an integrated cloud-based service:

  1. Click on the document icon (bottom right) and select from the available services

  2. Follow the guided steps to log in and verify the integration process.

         Note: if you are having difficulty logging in, or cannot verify the integration -                  make sure you are logging into the correct profile, have the appropriate                        permissions, or reach out to our support team for further help!

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