Tracking Hours to Date

How to Track Trade, Crew, and Employee Total Hours Worked on a Project Over Time

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Calculating how many hours a particular worker or trade has worked over the course of a project can be time consuming. With Raken, though, you can automatically tracks total hours worked by a subcontractor or employee. There's no set up needed, Raken's daily reports will show "Hours to Date" by default.

If you would like to hide "Hours" and "Hours To Date" from your reports, simply follow the steps below.


  1. log in on the Raken Web App and click "Company" in the top right.

  2. Click on the "Project Templates" section.

  3. Click on the small box with three dots inside to view the dropdown to edit the desired template.

  4. Under "Daily Report" turn "Hours" or "Hours To Date" off based on your needs and hit "Save".ย 

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