Not all jobs need the same workers and cost codes, so we made it possible to upload project specific lists of each. These workers and codes will only be available on the job you add them to and will not affect any other projects. Read below to learn more. 


  1. Login on the web and navigate to the "Projects" tab. 

  2. Select the project you would like to update with the project specific Cost Codes & Workers lists.

  3. Click the "Settings" button below the project title.

  4. Click the second tab "Settings" and select the "Production Settings" option. 

  5. Here you will be able to individually add, or bulk upload this project's Workers and Cost Codes by selecting "Upload Codes" or "Upload Workers." 

  6. For bulk uploading select the grey upwards facing arrow and download the sample CSV file provided, fill in the sections needed and click "+Select File" to upload it into Raken.

Raken Time Cards Overview
Uploading Workers and Cost Codes
Running Time Card Reports

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