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Tracking Worker Hours

How to Track Worker Hours, Time Cards, and Cost Codes

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Not all jobs need the same workers and cost codes, so we made it possible to upload project specific lists of each. These workers and codes will only be available on the job you add them to and will not affect any other projects. Read below to learn more. 


  1. Login on the web and navigate to the "Team" tab. 

  2. Click on "Workers" to show your new worker list.

  3. If you need to add a worker you can click on the orange"+ Worker" button and manually type their info in.

  4. For bulk uploading select the white import button and download the sample CSV file provided, fill in the sections needed and click "+Select File" to upload it into Raken.

  5. To then adjust the workers that are on your project, first select the project. On the left side of the page, go to "Project Directory" and select workers tab.

  6. To remove a worker from a project click the icon with the three dots and select remove from project.

  7. From here, you are also able to bulk add workers by selecting the orange "+ Workers" or select the Import button.

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