Managing a jobsite can be time consuming and sometimes dailies can get pushed back and start to pile up. To help you stay organized and on top of completing your reports Raken has created a new feature to help report and manage your compliance. 


  1. Open Raken, click on "Projects"

  2. Select a project, click on the calendar icon in the top left corner 

  3. The calendar will list the number of missed and unsigned reports as well as the number of days there was no work done

  4. To bulk sign multiple days as "No Work Done" click on the circle icon in the top right corner 

  5. Select a start and end date, then click "No Work Done" 

  6. To sign off on an "Unsigned Daily"  click on the day marked and as "Unsigned Daily" and select "Complete Daily" 

  7.  Click on "Verify: Unsigned" and sign off on the report

  8. For multiple unsigned dailies, click on "Compliance" in the bottom navigation bar

  9. Under "Completed Dailies"  select the year and the month

  10. Click on the box in the right hand corner for each report that needs to be signed  

  11. Once all are selected, click "Sign" and complete by writing your signature 

Managing Project Compliance
Insights: Compliance by Project

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