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Migrating your Existing Custom Checklist Templates
Migrating your Existing Custom Checklist Templates

Learn how to migrate your existing checklist templates to be compatible with new dashboard and reporting features.

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Migrating your checklist templates will allow you to leverage your existing templates to gain new options for viewing information captured in Raken in a new safety dashboard and in a new report designed specifically for checklists.

How to Migrate?

These steps are required to convert any existing custom templates to be compatible with Rakens new checklist management and reporting features.

  1. Login to the Raken Web App and click on the Company tab at the top of the screen.

  2. Click on the Checklists tab. Right away you'll see the page where you can start building and customizing your company checklist templates.

  3. Click the Types tab.

  4. Click on the green + New Type button in the top right corner of the screen.

    1. When creating a new type, you first define the class of checklist. Checklists can be classified as Commissioning, Environmental, Equipment, General, Quality or Safety.

    2. You then define the checklist type.

    3. After you have defined a class or classes for your checklist you can create a checklist template.

  5. Click on the Templates tab.

  6. Click on the template that you would like to migrate

    1. In the window that appears, define the class of the template. You will use one of the classes that you created in previous steps.

  7. After you have selected the class, you will click the Save button.

  8. Data from new and completed checklists will then become available in the new Safety & QC dashboards and Checklist excel report.

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