Every team out there, no matter what field they're in, requires a unique set of forms and checklists to be filled out to make sure that their job sites are running efficiently and most of all safely. That's why we've added custom checklists as our newest Safety & Quality tool in Raken platform. With Checklists, you can build your own forms based on existing processes or use one of our pre-built, industry-standard checklists to start collecting valuable data from the field. Check out the article below to learn how you can get started!

Step One: Customize Your Checklists

To get started, you'll need to ensure that your team has the right checklists available so they can collect the data you need. You can start with Raken's library of pre-built checklists, or you can customize them to fit your workflow. You can even build new checklists from scratch to make sure you have the perfect setup. Checklists are created and managed at the company level in the Safety & Quality section of the Raken Web App. Once you create a new checklist it will be immediately available for your whole team to start filling out in the mobile app. For more detail on how to set up your checklists, click HERE.

A laptop screenshot of the Raken Checklists Template Builder

Step Two: Complete Checklists in the Field

Once you have your custom Checklists created, it's time to start collecting data. Each checklist you create, along with the standard ones provided by Raken, will be available for you to fill out as needed within the Safety & Quality tab on each of your projects on both Web and Mobile. To get started, simply click the green "+" to start a new checklist, select your template, and start filling out the questions. You can save your checklists as drafts at any time, and once you're done you can sign them to mark them as completed. To learn more about completing checklists for your project, click HERE.

A mobile device screenshot of a Raken Checklist being completed in the Raken mobile app.

Step Three: Reviewing Completed Checklists

Once your checklists have been completed, they're stored for your reference directly in Raken. You can review and download the completed Checklists at the project level on both web and mobile as well as easily share them or download them as needed. You can also view completed checklists for all of your projects in the Company tab on the Web App so that you can quickly find the exact form you need, even if the project in question is no longer active. For more information on accessing completed checklists, click HERE.


  • Checklists are only available on the Performance Plan. If you'd like to learn more about upgrading please check out our Pricing Page.

Building Custom Checklists in Raken

Reviewing Completed Checklists

Completing Checklists in the Raken App

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