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Integrating Egnyte with Raken
Integrating Egnyte with Raken

How To Enable and Configure the Egnyte Integration from Your Raken Account

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Share files with your project team and eliminate time-consuming switching between applications by connecting the Raken + Egnyte integration. Your Raken daily reports, subcontractor reports, photos, videos, and other project documents will automatically sync into your Egnyte project folders.


  1. Log in to your Raken account on the Raken Website.

  2. Click on 'Company' in the top right corner and then the 'Integrations' tab.

  3. Click on the tile for Egnyte to open the integration settings.

  4. Click the orange '+ Connect' button in the top right.

  5. Enter your Egnyte login credentials in the window that appears.

  6. You'll be returned to the 'Projects' section of the Egnyte integration settings, where you can disconnect the integration if needed.

  7. Your Daily Reports, Super Daily Reports, Collaborator Reports, and Project Photos will start syncing to your Egnyte account for all new content.

Using Project Folders:

Efficiently assign Raken Projects to their corresponding Egnyte Project Folders by creating project folders in Egnyte. These folders will be associated with a specific project within your organization and will be easily recognizable by a unique icon in the folder tree, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Initial Setup

  1. Log into the Raken Web App.

  2. Click the Company tab at the top of the page.

  3. Click on the Integrations tab.

  4. Click on the tile for Egnyte to open the integration settings.

  5. Click the orange "+ Connect" button in the top right of the page and provide valid Egnyte credentials.

  6. Open the Projects tab on the left of the page.

  7. Select matching Raken Projects and Egnyte Project folders from the appropriate dropdowns and click "Add configuration" to connect the projects.

  8. Once you have added configurations, daily reports & attachments from the configured Raken projects will sync to the mapped Egnyte project folders.



Please verify that you have either the Professional or Performance plan. If you need to upgrade your Raken account, feel free to contact us!


Please verify that you have an active Egnyte account. If you need assistance with your Egnyte account, contact Egnyte Support.

Project folders are included in the Platform Enterprise-Lite and Platform Enterprise plans, as well as the AEC Add-On.

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