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How to Add Your Equipment List in Raken

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Raken’s Equipment feature gives you the tools you need to accurately track equipment usage on site. Having access to this information combined with accurate labor and material costs can help keep all of your projects on-schedule and on-budget. 


  1. Log in to Raken on the web 

  2.  Select “Company” in the top right corner of your screen

  3. Navigate to the “Production” tab and select “Equipment”

  4. From here you can upload your company owned-equipment manually or in bulk by downloading a CSV template and uploading it back to Raken

  5. The equipment entered will automatically be available to add to all projects in Raken 


Equipment tracking is only available to Professional or Performance plan users. For more information you can email us here.

You can customize which users can create, edit, or delete company owned equipments under Company > Roles and Permissions. By default, all users on a project will be able to see equipment rates. If you would like to limit which users can see rates, you can adjust it under Roles and Permissions as well .  

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