When you're on a job with dozens of subcontractors it can be a huge time suck to have to chase each one down every way to collect their daily reports. With the Raken Super Daily, you no longer have to. We've made it easy to collect your subs' dailies, not to mention that they'll all be in the same professional format as your own Raken dailies!

How the Super Daily Works 

A Super Daily is a Raken daily report that incorporates the reports from all your subcontractors. You can invite your subs to use Raken for free so they can collaborate on your projects. You'll get one single report that shows your own daily report as well as the reports from your subs. 

Please note you must be subscribed to our Performance Plan to use the Super Daily feature.

Creating Super Dailies
Inviting Collaborators
Customizing Subcontractor Survey Questions

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