Using The Raken Dashboard

The Raken Dashboard Offers a Real-Time Feed of all Field Activities Across Your Projects.

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With the Raken dashboard, it's easy to know what's happening across all your projects, without ever having to step on site. You can get live updates from projects on what jobs are getting done in and easy to navigate feed that updates in realtime. You can even set up saved searches and have Raken Notify you when there are missed dailies or safety incidents/delays on site.

Raken Dashboard on the Web

When you open the Raken Web App you will be taken to the dashboard page. The dashboard page is a chronological feed of your organizations activity in Raken. You are able to filter by project, person and activity type on the main dashboard page.
Additionally you can have an organization wide view of Reports, Insights and Live Views.

Reports - A chronological breakdown of all of your projects daily reports and their status and contents.

Insights - A dashboard for your organizations safety, quality control and production initiatives.

Live Views - Your organizations hub to view data that is shared with Raken via the EarthCam and Holobuilder integrations.

Raken Dashboard on Mobile

When you first open the Raken app you can tap the Activity button at the bottom of your screen and see all the activities that are occurring within your organization. You can even filter between projects, users and activity type.

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