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The Activity Stream Is a Newsfeed Style View of The Activity Across Your Projects

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As a PM or Executive there is no longer a need to run around to every project site to see what is happening. With Raken's Activity Stream your projects' live updates are now accessible at your fingertips; at the office in front of your computer or while on the go with our mobile app. Get a quick snapshot with our Facebook like timeline feed providing real-time access to the activities happening in the field from your guys as well as your subs. 

How the Activity Stream Feature Works 

Under "Activity" you'll see all inputs are displayed in a timeline format so you can easily keep track of information as it is entered. Every input is user time stamped,  giving you the ability to see details about every post. New photo carousel streamlines and allows you to see photos of the project as they are uploaded.

For "Reports", we created a streamline experience which lets you see all jobsite activity for a specific day in the past in a "card" format, providing you key information at a glance; including manpower, weather and photos. The PDF icon opens the report itself, whether it has been sign or unsigned.

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