Sometimes things get busy and dailies start to slip through the cracks here and there. With Rakens Missed Dailies notifications in your Dashboard you'll no longer have to worry about forgetting about those missed dailies anymore. Read below to see how the dashboard shows you any Missed Dailies that you have across your projects. 

How the Missed Dailies Feature Works

Logging into Raken Dashboard you will immediately be notified of any Missed Dailies on your projects. Quickly take action by marking it "No Work Done" or complete the daily so you can stay on top of your compliance. This feature will notify you on your web or mobile dashboard so you can stay on track with your dailies and take the appropriate action. Simply click "Show More" to mark a particular day as "No Work Done" or click "Complete Daily" to fill out your report for each day.

Managing Project Compliance
Insights: Compliance by Project
Insights: Compliance by Subcontractor

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