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Adding Project Members

How To Add and Manage Project Members on Your Raken Projects On the Web App

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Raken works best when you are collaborating with your whole team as you do in the field every day. Getting your coworkers added to your Raken projects is simple so that you can focus on working with your colleagues on completing your projects on the ground. Check out the steps below to learn how.

Adding Project Members

  1. Log into the Raken Web App

  2. Go to the project that needs the team member added

  3. At the bottom of the project page click on the "Project Directory" button

  4. Click the appropriate tab at the top for the type of member you would like to add

  5. Click on the orange "+ Add Members" option on the top

  6. Click on the check boxes to the right of all the names of users on your account that you wish to add to the project and then click the orange "Add" button in the bottom right of the window. 

  7. To Add on Team Members not listed in the directory, Select the white "+Invite team member" and add all required information.

  8. Invitations will be sent to their emails and upon logging in they will be able to see your project and enter daily report information. 

Note: If you subscribe to the Raken Performance Plan, you can also invite external collaborators to work on your project with you. 

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