Quickly see what's going on your jobsites. The Facebook like timeline feed provides real-time access to the activities happening in the field from your guys as well as your subs. PM's and exec's love this feature as they get a quick snapshot on what is happening on their jobsites without ever setting foot on them. You can access this while you are in the office in front of your computer or while on the go with our mobile app. Below is a preview of the web activity stream for "Today's Activity". Some things to note:

  • All inputs are user time stamped so you'll know the details about every post
  • New improved weather gives additional information and hourly breakdown of conditions along with forecast for future dates
  • All inputs are displayed in a timeline format so you can keep track as information is entered
  • New photo carousel streamlines and lets you see photos taken

For "Past Activity", we created a streamlined experience which lets you see all jobsite activity for a particular day in the past in a "card" format, letting you see key information at a glance; including manpower, weather conditions, safety/incidents, and "All Time Stats" for this project. Clicking "See More" lets you see a break down of all activity logged for that project that day. See an example below:

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