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Managing those photos and videos in your phone gallery is straight forward and simple with photo management settings.

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Having a disorganized photo gallery can cause confusion and can lead to lost photos and missed opportunities for jobsite documentation. Photo management for the Raken mobile app allows you to choose where and how photos and videos captured in the Raken app are saved on your mobile device.

Photo and Video Settings in the Raken Mobile App

  1. Open the Raken Mobile App.

  2. Tap the Account button found in the bottom navigation bar.

  3. On the screen that appears tap the Photo and video and settings option.

  4. You can then choose to adjust settings for photos and videos that are captured in the Raken app.

    1. You can choose to stop saving media from the Raken app in your devices photo library.

      1. If you choose to save media from the Raken app in your devices photo library you can choose to Organize by project or Organize in one Raken folder.

  5. Once you have made your desired selection tap the Save button found in the top right corner of the screen.

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