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Raken Safety and Quality Control Tools
What are Raken Safety and Quality Tools?
What are Raken Safety and Quality Tools?

Raken Safety and Quality tools helpsyou gather, view and take action on meaningful safety and quality data.

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What are our Safety and Quality Tools?

Raken Safety and Quality tools can help reduce risk by preventing and quickly resolving jobsite issues. Rakens tools make it easy to manage inspections, submit observations, conduct toolbox talks and analyze trends.


  • Managed checklists in Raken allow you and your team to create and complete custom checklists. Customer checklists can be assigned and scheduled to ensure that you and your team are gathering the necessary data at the exact right time.

  • Data captured in checklists can be viewed in detailed PDF reports and in a detailed dashboard view where you can see detailed insights into how your team and projects are doing.


  • Observations allow you and your team to capture and manage jobsite concerns.

  • Observations can be captured across your projects in detailed ways from the office or field. Observations can be documented and assigned to those that can manage and resolve any necessary work.

Toolbox Talks

  • Toolbox talks allow you to manage and schedule safety discussions across all your projects.

  • Raken allows you to have an unlimited digital library of safety discussions.

  • Toolbox talks reports help you determine who has and has not completed safety discussions in your organization.

Safety and QC Reporting

  • Safety and QC are two of the topmost focusses on a jobsite. Raken offers in-depth reporting and dashboards to help you manage what matters most.

  • Dedicated dashboards at both the company and project level allow you to simply view information compiled from checklists, observations and toolbox talks.

  • Dedicated reports allow you to view information gathered from those out in the field.

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