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Introducing Raken's Labor Map - a comprehensive feature that offers a detailed overview of your workforce, providing valuable insights into your employees' skills and locations. With this feature, you'll gain a better understanding of your team and their abilities.


The Employee Map feature allows project managers and other leaders to filter the map to show employees that meet specific needs based on classification, certifications, shift, and role. It provides an overview of all employees overlaid onto a map so that project managers can quickly see where that labor worked last.

This data helps you to understand where skilled labor is located, which enables you to make better staffing decisions.

Labor Distribution helps you to identify where skilled labor resides so that you can quickly see the best candidate to add to another job. This feature, combined with Certifications,  provides a complete labor management solution that helps you to understand the skills and availability of your workforce.

The Labor Map feature can be accessed through the existing project map. Each cluster of pins on the map represents the number of people that meet the filter criteria for that location. It is an essential tool for optimizing your labor management processes.


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