Answers to questions and troubleshooting steps to resolve concerns and answer questions during the set up and use of the Raken + QuickBooks Online Integration.



I have a QuickBooks Online account, why is the Integration not working?
The Raken + QuickBooks Online integration is only compatible with the QuickBooks Online Plus or Advanced plan. If you have questions about your QuickBooks Online account, contact QuickBooks here.

I have customers in my QuickBooks Online account, how can I sync over these customers over as Projects in Raken?
Raken does not support importing QuickBooks Online Customers as Raken Projects. We only support importing QuickBooks Online Projects as Raken Projects.

Why do I not see the option to integrate in my Raken account?
The Raken + QuickBooks Online Integration is available for Raken customers with a Professional or Performance plan. If you have questions about your Raken account, you can talk to our awesome support team here.

How can I map Raken Team Members to Employess with the QuickBooks Online integration?
You can follow the below steps to map a Raken Team Member to an Employee with the QuickBooks Online integration

  1. Determine the Team Members that need to be linked to QuickBooks Online.

  2. Add those Team Members to the Workers list in Raken.

  3. Contact the Raken Support Team to ensure that duplicate names do not appear on timecards.

I am not seeing my QuickBooks Online Projects available to add to Raken, how can I add them?
Please ensure that all projects that you would like to sync from QuickBooks Online to Raken have a start date listed in QuickBooks Online.

The QuickBooks Online Integration is connected, why are timecards not syncing to QuickBooks Online?
Syncing time from Raken to QuickBooks Online is done with just a few clicks in Raken.

  1. From the Raken Website click on the profile button in the top right corner of the page.

  2. In the dropdown menu that appears click on Timesheets.

  3. Using the filters near the top left corner of the page, select the pay period for the data that you would like to transfer to QuickBooks Online.

  4. Click the button labeled Sync in the top right corner of the page.

  5. After the Sync button is clicked the time card data for the selected pay period will be transferred to QuickBooks Online, that time data can then be manipulated in QuickBooks Online.

The QuickBooks Online Integration is connected, why are projects and employees from QuickBooks Online not syncing with Raken?
To start the flow of data for the Raken + QuickBooks Online integration, simply click on the Paused toggle in the upper right corner of the QuickBooks Online integration page.


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