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How to get started with the Raken + QuickBooks Online Integration
How to get started with the Raken + QuickBooks Online Integration

Learn how you can connect your QuickBooks Online account to Raken

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The connection process for the Raken + QuickBooks Online integration is activated through your Raken account, in a few simple steps you can have your QuickBooks Online account connected.


Enabling the Integration Steps

  1. From the Raken Website click on the Company tab.

  2. Click on the section titled Integrations.

  3. Click on the tile for QuickBooks Online.

  4. Click on the + Connect button found in the top right corner of the page to enable the integration.

  5. A window will then appear requesting your QuickBooks Online credentials.

    1. QuickBooks Online will request you to allow Raken access to your data.

Mapping Data from QuickBooks Online to Raken
Once the integration is enabled, you will see three tabs on the left side of the page; Settings, Projects and Employees.

You will be able to map existing projects and workers from QuickBooks Online to Raken by clicking on the Projects and Employees tabs.

Once in a tab you will simply choose a Raken entity from the first dropdown and the corresponding QuickBooks Online entity from the second dropdown and then click Add configuration to link the entities.

Data Syncing between QuickBooks Online and Raken

Once you have linked all of your workers and projects. To start the flow of data, simply click on the Paused toggle in the upper right corner of the QuickBooks Online integration page.

Once the integration has been made active, new Projects and Employees from QuickBooks online as well as updates made in QuickBooks Online to linked entities will be synced to Raken in near real time.


  • Raken does not support importing QuickBooks Online Customers as Raken Projects. We only support importing QuickBooks Online Projects as Raken Projects.

  • The Raken + QuickBooks Online Integration is available for Raken customers with a Professional or Performance plan. If you have questions about your Raken account, you can talk to our awesome support team here.

  • The Raken + QuickBooks Online integration is only compatible with the QuickBooks Online Plus or Advanced plan. If you have questions about your QuickBooks Online account, contact QuickBooks here.


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