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Manage and Schedule Company Toolbox Talks
Manage and Schedule Company Toolbox Talks

How to manage your Toolbox Talk library, upload your own topics, and schedule your Toolbox Talks from the Raken web app.

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Not sure which superintendents are giving which talks? With Raken, you can bulk schedule safety talks for entire projects or at the company level before the project even begins. The superintendent will get the talk delivered right to their app.


Managing your Toolbox Talk Library

  1. Click on the 'Company' tab in the top right corner of your web app to access your 'Company Settings'.

  2. From here, select the 'Safety' tab to browse, schedule, and manage 'All', 'Past' and 'Upcoming' talks across all of your projects from the pre-loaded library of 100+ diverse safety topics available to you and your team.

  3. Preview each talk by clicking on it, and use the pencil and trashcan icons to edit the titles or delete them from your company-level list.

  4. To add your own talks, click the the blue 'Upload Talk' button and select the files you'd like to include. 

Note: New talks and changes to existing ones will be immediately available on the mobile app for your team to use on all active projects.

Scheduling and Bulk Scheduling

You can schedule individual talks in your library by clicking on the 'Schedule' button to the right of each topic name when hovering over it, or you can create a prescribed safety talk plan through Bulk Scheduling. This allows you to add multiple talks to multiple jobs at once on a set cadence. 

  1. To get started, click the 'Bulk Schedule' button in the top right corner of your screen and choose '+ New Schedule' from the dropdown menu. Give your schedule a name and click 'Next'.

  2. Choose specific talks you'd like to include from your library, or select them all. 

  3. Set the order of your talks by dragging them into sequence or changing the number next to the talk name (you can also remove them via the button on the right). Click 'Next'.

  4. In the Schedule Details: Select a start and end date, cadence, and recurrence frequency.

  5. Select an active project to apply your new safety schedule to, or simply apply to all.

  6. Lastly, review the settings you have chosen on the summary screenselect 'Default' if you would like to automatically apply these settings to all new projects created in the future.

Your team's toolbox talks compliance will be shown on your company and project insights pages so that you can see at a glance which jobs are keeping up with their training and which are falling behind. 

If you click on the 'show more' button you can even see which talks were completed and who was in attendance. 

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