Creating Super Dailies

How To Create and View Raken Super Dailies

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Collecting all of your subs' reports at the end of the day can be time consuming. With Raken your subs get free access to your Raken account, allowing you to access all of their completed dailies. Now you can simply run a Super Daily Report to review all of their progress in one document


  1.  Log in on the Raken Web App and click on the 'Projects' tab.

  2. Choose a project to which you have added collaborators and open it. 

  3.  Click on the blue "Reports" button in the top right. 

  4.  Choose the "Super Daily" option to open the report in your internet browser.

Please note, if your subs information is not yet in the Super Daily, don't worry! It simply means they haven't completed their report yet. Once they complete their daily report, simply regenerate the Super Daily and it will update to reflect the changes they make. You can also enable automatic emails so your Super Dailies will be delivered to your email directly. 

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