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Dashboard Insights: Top Users
Dashboard Insights: Top Users

Get Insights on Which Team Members are Completing Their Reports in Raken

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With Raken Dashboard Insights you can easily identify the top users on your company account and those who are not completing their daily reports or or making entries in Raken. 

How the Top Users Features Works 

As your team members make entries in the field, Raken collects that data and gives you actionable insights into how your company is working. One aspect that Raken tracks is usage showing how many completed dailies and entries each team members has completed in Raken. With the Top Users feature you can detect and correct any non-compliance right away.

To view your Top Users select Dashboard and click Insights. You can select the time frame you want your insights to cover by using the drop down to the top right of the page. Then scroll down to see the Top User section. You can sort each column by clicking the downward arrows next to the attributes. You can also download a PDF report of this data by clicking the blue download icon to the right of the section.

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