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Raken works when you are without a cell signal or Wi-Fi

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Ever been stuck on a job site without cellular service or Wi-Fi? The Raken app allows you to document issues, take photos, assign tasks, and manage timecards everywhere you go, regardless of your network connection. Any information you captured while offline will automatically sync once you reconnect to a network.

Raken Offline
The Raken app is designed to work in many circumstances and conditions. Sometimes we are in situations where we do not have cellular service or Wi-Fi. When this occurs the Raken app will save any information entered onto your device. Once you regain cellular service or connect to Wi-Fi, the Raken app will sync that saved information and it will then be viewable on the Raken web app or other devices.

Notes and Support Tips:

  • If you lose service, you will be able to access and edit components of 5 of your most recent projects that have an ‘Active’ status.

  • Any edits or updates made while in offline mode will be automatically synced to your account once you have access to Wi-Fi or cell service. 

  • If information does not sync once you have cellular service or Wi-Fi, please contact our Support Team so they can assist.

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