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Emailing Daily Reports in the Raken App
Emailing Daily Reports in the Raken App

How to Distribute Your Completed Daily Reports to Project Stakeholders

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Once your daily reports are completed, you need to make sure that the information gets into the hands of your team members and project stakeholders. In the Raken app it just takes a couple clicks to deliver your completed dailies in PDF to the whole team. Watch the video below to learn how!

App instructions

  1. Go to the project

  2. Go to the daily report icon

  3. Go to view and sign at the Bottom

  4. Review report, if all information is correct hit sign report

  5. Write your signature then hit complete at the top right corner

  6. To send this report out please hit the box with an arrow in it in the top right corner

  7. You can share links, export docs, or put them in your iCloud Drive. Select what you would like

  8. Then the report will be sent to where it needs to go.

Web instructions

1. Go to the project

2. Go to the setting tabs at the bottom of the sidebar

3. Go to the daily report recipients tab

4. Then add an email address to the internal members or external members sections

5. Then select when you would like those people to receive the emails.

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