It is the end of the day and you've completed your Daily Report - what's next? It is important to sign your Daily Reports to ensure accurate compliance on your projects by marking that day as "complete". Also, if your company has Auto-Emails setup, your signing of the report will trigger the Daily Report to be emailed to the auto-email recipients. 

Raken makes it simple to sign your reports on both mobile & web.

  1. After filling out the sections of your report, tap on the bottom button "View / Sign Report"

2. Tap "Sign Report" and enter in your signature

3. Want to save time in the future? Check the box to "Select here to save your signature for future "Quick Sign"

Next time you go to sign your report, simply tap the "Quick Sign" button and Raken will apply your saved signature

If you have further questions, please reach out! (866) 438 4606

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