Raken has released a highly-anticipated feature for tracking time: giving employees the ability to sign off on the hours assigned to them on the job. Not only does this give employees confidence in the tracking process, it gives payroll administrators the benefit of knowing the hours they input for payroll have been validated. 

As an Account Administrator, you can put this feature to use today. Login to app.rakenapp.com and click on Company> Time Cards> Time Card Settings.

Robust Settings Options are now available, and you may adjust the default work week, pay period, notifications and disclaimer to suit your business' needs.

To enable sign-off notifications to go to employees, ensure that each is assigned a valid phone number or email address, depending on how you want employees to be notified. Do this in Company> Time Cards> Workers.

As the employee, you will receive a text or email notification and will be prompted to sign off on the hours you've been assigned, as shown here, no Raken account required!

You'll be able to review and sign for your hours and will be provided a summary of your hours as shown below.

Payroll admins will know when everyone has signed off on their hours, via the Payroll tab in Company> Time Cards> Payroll.

Payroll Admin Web View 

If you navigate to your company settings and look under time cards you'll see a new tab marked "payroll." Just click on it to access all of your pay periods, check on who has signed, and if there's a discrepancy in the hours a worker entered you can fix it right on the spot. 

The payroll admin web view gives you the ability to see all of your time card data in one place that you can then use to make sure the hours entered are accurate or go on to the third new time card feature we added to see how else you can use it. 

PDF Reports by Worker

If you're looking at the payroll admin web view you'll notice an icon that lets you download a PDF time card report for each individual worker. These reports come with everything you need to be compliant in your documentation: the weeks, projects, cost codes, totals, signatures, and more are all right in the same PDF report. 

We hope these new updates to the time card features in Raken help you gather time card data in the field even faster and work with it easier in the office.

If you are a payroll administrator, let us know if we can assist with your Time Cards for Payroll setup. Our team is here 7am-4pm Pacific Time, M-F.  866-438-0646

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