1) Click on “Projects” in the top right corner and then click add project 

2) Enter a name for the project 

3) Enter all project data

4) You will now be able to set up the project exactly how you want it so it will be a breeze throughout the project 

5) Create a daily report template to be your default for all future projects or just this specific one

6) Select what you would like to be included in your daily report 

7) Suggested survey questions will appear, or you can choose to edit them and create your own

8) Select the people you would like the daily report to be sent to 

9) If you are using the timecard setting, set up your codes and workers

10) Select and set-up integration function if you plan to use it with another software

11) Add project members 

12) You can invite your team members as well as your subs! It will send them an email invitation to set up their account. 

13) Add existing team members or invite new members 

14) For all team members, select what notifications you would like them to receive 

15) Assign tasks to project members 

16) You can check for missed dailes and notify others 

17) There is also the option to search for all past dailies or download all dailies for a project 

18) You can customize your company branded PDF. Add a logo, background color, and project photo. Simply hover over the boxes and upload a photo and change the background. 

19) All photos uploaded to dailies will appear here in a downloadable album

That’s all! You are set and ready to go. As always reach out and we will help you answer any question you may have. 

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