Raken offers customers the ability to automatically email reports once they are signed. We also offer the option for customers to specify a certain time for reports to be sent if preferred. To set up auto emails:
 1. From our website at app.rakenapp.com, click "Projects", select a project, and click "Settings".

2. Click "Settings".

3. Under "Daily Report Email Recipients", put email addresses under the "Daily Report" section if you wish to send the normal daily report.  If using the Super Daily tool to collaborate with subs on reports, you can choose to send the Super Daily by putting email addresses under the "Super Daily Report" section.  For sending to multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma and a space.

4. You can also choose what time to send the reports...either immediately when the report is signed or at a certain time the following day (we recommend between 2-6am so the report is waiting by the time you get into the office).

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