How it Works

Raken generates daily reports from work logs, notes, photos, surveys, and weather information logged directly from the field in the Raken mobile app. Raken also allows you to automatically create, aggregate, and organize daily reports from an unlimited number of subcontractors working on a project. This integration with Procore automatically uploads the daily report PDFs and images to the corresponding project in Procore.

With the Raken/Procore integration, you can:

  • Easily setup and start sharing important documents in minutes
  • Automatically sync and store your dailies within your Procore Project Documents
  • View and store your project photos within your Procore project
  • Save time by no longer having to manually download and drag photos and documents
  • Ensure your documents are consistent between platforms

Product and Procore Product Line Requirements

In order to take advantage of the Procore/Raken integration, you must be subscribed to Raken's Professional or Performance Plan. Please contact your Raken sales representative to upgrade your account.

As a Procore user, you must have access to Procore's Quality and Safety product line.

How to Get Started

To connect your Raken and Procore accounts, please log in on the web at and follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click "Company"
  2. Click "Synced Accounts"
  3. Select "Integrations"
  4. Click "Connect" next to the Procore logo
  5. Enter your Procore login credentials to complete the integration

If you wish to disconnect, simply click the "Disconnect" button next to the Procore logo. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team:

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