We are constantly updating our software with new features and timesaving tools, so there’s always something new to learn about Raken.  The following tools are the newest to our software.

Offline Mode
Now Raken users can take the app with them wherever they go... even in areas with no service. Find out more here. 

Customizable Subcontractors Surveys
Performance GC's utilizing the Super Daily can customize the survey questions for their subcontractors to include in their daily report. Find out more here

Time Cards
We are pleased to announce Raken Time Cards, the newest update to the Raken Field Management app that enables superintendents and foremen to quickly track hours in the field while streamlining payroll for the office. Find out more here

Dashboard with Activity Stream and Insights
The Dashboard has been updated to include two sections--an activity stream that enables you to quickly see what's occurring on your jobsites and an insights page, which allows you to analyze your data.  Find out more here.

Cloud Services and Integrations
Raken now syncs daily reports along with all photos and attachments to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte, Procore, and Prolog.  For more details, please see here.

User Permissions
We've added a couple new permissions for "Account Admins":

  1. Specify whether every "Account Admin" gets automatically assigned to every new project. This ensures that only the appropriate personnel get added to a new project.
  2. Specify whether "Project Members" can create new projects. This ensures that duplicate projects aren't created. 

Simply access Raken on the web at app.rakenapp.com, click "Company", then "Roles" to specify your permissions.

Brand new calendar, "No Work Done", and report compliance tools

Have a quick snapshot of project compliance and mark reports as "No Work Done"  directly from the project calendar! Newly added "Unsigned" reports and "No Work Done" days will ensure you don't get penalized for not completing reports when you weren't onsite. Learn more here

Add Photos to Daily Survey
You can now add photos directly to the Raken Daily Survey.  Find out more here.

Detailed Manpower in Manpower Report
Manpower reports now include two more pages, which provide details about each worker that day. Learn more here

Automated & Customizable Summary Reports
Raken's Summary Reports are automatically sent to you every week with updates on the projects you are a member of. Customizing summary reports & scheduling automatic delivery is super easy. Learn more here

Dashboard Views
Project managers and executives typically access Raken on the web to view their company’s dashboard and activity feed. All inputs made by users on the Raken app are displayed chronologically in a newsfeed of activities. This feature allows for users to filter a view by date, project name, document type, category or even keyword. Views can be named and saved for future reference. Learn more here

Invite Via Text
Add team members or collaborators directly from the Raken app. Simply select someone from your contact list and add them to your project directly from the app.

Transfer Tool:
This tool allows you to move all information entered in a daily report over to another date and/or project. It can be used when you accidentally put information in the wrong place. Learn more here.

Create Task Reports:
Create PDF and Excel reports about open and completed tasks on any of your projects to easily track what's being completed on your jobsite. Learn more here.

Project Member Directory:
Manage all project members (subs & employees) by downloading a project member directory PDF from Raken. Keep members’ names, emails, companies and phone numbers in one place.  To access this, please log on to our website, go to "Projects" and choose your project.  Then click "Project info" and "Members" and select the "Directory".

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