You've been invited to a project in Raken and now you have access to fill out a Daily Report. Your reports will be automatically shared with the GC that invited you, but first you'll need to know how to


  1. Log into using Chrome or Firefox. 

  2. Click "Projects" and select the Project you've been invited to.

  3. Select "Project Settings" under the project name and click the "Settings tab" in the new window that opens. 

  4. You can make adjustments to the categories in this section by clicking on the drop-down header names. We recommend coordinating this with your GC to ensure you make the correct adjustments, for example the Required Report Frequency or Sections on the Daily Report.

  5. If your GC requests that you not use survey questions, you can remove them by clicking on the "Survey Questions" dropdown and clicking the trash can icon next to each question. Your GC will also have the ability to give you a list of required questions that you cannot delete. 

Please note that as a subcontractor invited to Raken, you'll only have access to the project(s) you've been invited to.

Additionally, during a 15-day free-trial period following the invite, you will have full access to the software. To access additional features and create additional projects once the trial is up, subscribe to one of our paid plans by opening the "Company" tab and then clicking on "Subscription & Billing."  You can always call us to upgrade as well. 

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