We are constantly updating our software with new features and timesaving tools, so there’s always something new to learn about Raken.  The following tools are the newest additions to our software.

Raken Equipment

With this feature, you can easily track your owned and rented equipment to ensure that you know the status and location of each piece of machinery on your jobs. The best part is that, just like the rest of Raken, your field team can update the logs in just a few taps so that you have the most up to date info possible.

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Material Production Tracking

With Raken, you can now track your crews' job site efficiency based on actual quantities of materials installed. Our Materials feature adds to our Production Tracking tools to give you valuable insights into where your project stands in real-time.

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Tracking Hours with Start and End Times

With Raken time cards, you can now track your workers' hours using their start and end times as well as track if they took lunches and breaks. It's easy to set up and can be enabled per project or at the company level for use across your jobs.
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Project Dashboard and Insights

You can now view a project-specific dashboard and insights page on each of the projects within your Raken account. Just like with the main dashboard and insights, you can create and save custom search views, adjust your time frame, and download data to gain real-time business insights on your jobs. 

Production Tracking with Cost Code Budgets

With the latest addition to our Time Cards feature, you can now easily add budgets to your project cost codes and track your production in real-time to make sure you're staying on budget and on schedule. Once you set up the cost code budgets, the hours you enter on your worklogs will automatically count towards your production total based on the cost codes you add.
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