Sometimes projects can get deleted accidentally, but you don't have to stop work to recover your job on the go. With the Raken app, there's no need to run back to the trailer, you simply can recover it with a few simple steps and keep entering reports. Follow the steps below to see how. 


  1. Go to "Projects" home page.

  2. Click on the "Magnifying Glass" icon in the top right corner.

  3. Then select the "Filter" icon in the top right corner.

  4. Apply the deleted projects filter.

  5. Select "Apply" at the bottom of the page.

  6. Exit out of the filter and return to projects. 

  7. Scroll to the bottom under the subheading "Deleted Projects" and find the project you are looking for. 

  8. Simply click on the project and select "Activate" on the pop-up option or place your finger on the project and swipe to the left on the screen until you see "Make Active" 

  9. The project will automatically be placed under the "Active Projects" subheading 

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