As an Account Administrator , you have the ability to assign Team Members roles within your Raken account. Team Members can change roles often during the course of their employment. So their role within Raken might also need to be changed to reflect this. 

Simply access Raken on the web at, click "Company", then "Roles" to specify your permissions. 

There are four different roles that a User can choose from, the options are:

Account Administrator
This role is used by Users who require full access to your account including Billing

This role is for users who require full access to the account but without access to billing or update branding information (company logo, company name)

Project Member
This role provides read/write access to all projects but without any managerial functionality. This role is typically reserved for SuperIntendants, Project Managers, & Project Assistants

This role allows only read-only access to all projects

To change a Team Members role, select the Team tab at the top of the screen. Then select the name of the User whose role you’d like to change.  From the pop up menu with their name, select the Projects tab. Under Project Role you will have the ability to change the Users role to whatever you wish. Once you change a Users role on one Project, it changes their role on the rest of your Projects to match. You can come back & change their role as often as you’d like.


We also allow for Account Admins to further specify what which of these roles have access to, for example:

  1. Specify whether every "Account Admin" gets automatically assigned to every new project. 
  2. Specify whether "Project Members" can create new projects
  3. Can invite new Team Members to my company. 
  4. Can create new projects
  5. Can invite new Team Members to to the company account. 
  6. Can invite Collaborators to projects
  7. Can modify general settings
  8. Can modify daily report settings
  9. Can modify Survey Question settings
  10. Can use the automatic email feature
  11. Can delete and inactivate projects
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